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13 Tools You Need to Make Better Salads


Salad Spinner


When it comes to making an amazing salad, you need the freshest of ingredients, but the fact is that your lettuce from the local farm is probably a bit gritty and might have  a bug or too. Washing your greens is essential, but no one like a soggy salad, so a salad spinner is essential to dry your salad off. 

Mixing Bowls


Mixing salad requires bowls to mix them in. I like an assortment of sizes from small enough for dressing to ones big enough to toss a salad in without making a mess. Look for high quality ones, with wide, solid bottoms so they don’t dump your salad on the floor. 

Chef's Knife


Your chef’s knife is the workhorse of the kitchen. From chopping salad and vegetables, to cutting up meat into pieces for your salad, your chef’s knife needs to always close at hand. Look for a good quality, forged knife with a full tang and you will likely never need to buy another one. 

Paring Knife


Probably the second most used knife in your kitchen will be your paring knife. For everything from paring and peeling, to trimming greens, or de-stemming strawberries, your paring knife is essential. Once again, get one that is forged and has a full tang, and you will never have to get another. 



When you need to slice a lot of vegetables fast, then a mandoline is the tool to use. Slices, julienned, and shreds, your mandoline gets the job done. Want to shred a head of cabbage? this is the way to go!



A peeler is an indespensible tool in the kitchen when making a salad. You can use it to peel carrots, or to make long ribbons of vegetables for your salad. 

microplanes for cooking

Microplane Grater


When it is time to shred something super fine, a microplane grater is essential. Cheese, garlic, you name it, a microplane will make quick work of it. 

Citrus Squeezer


Fresh juice makes for better salads. Good quality bottled juice will work in a pinch, but for the best salad, you need fresh juice. To get that you need a squeezer to get super fresh lemon juice. 

salad storage container

Reusable Produce Storage


Storing salad can be tricky, but a container that keeps your salad from touching the sides will help keep your salad from going bad. This lets you prep more salad ahead on the weekends and enjoy fresh salad all week. 

Pepper Mill


For snipping herbs, one of the best tools is a small pair of scissors. These dainty scissors are great for pruning off some herbs, and snipping them into small pieces for in your salads and dressings.

Herb Scissors


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Mason Jars


Mason jars are a great versatile tool. They can be used for storage for dressings, or even a container for salads for your lunch. Having a few of these around is a must!

serrated kitchen knife

Serrated Kitchen Knife

A serrated knife is not a knife you will use every day, but a good serrated knife is great for cutting bread, but also for doing the plate trick for cutting cherry tomatoes and grapes in half. 

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