The best pantry cereal containers for keeping your cereal fresh

The Best Airtight Containers For Cereal

Here is our list of the three best airtight containers for cereal to keep your favorite cereal fresh and crunchy. 

Dry breakfast cereal left in an open bag can go stale very quickly so one easy solution is to get yourself some airtight storage containers. These will keep your cereal tasting fresh and crunchy for far longer than folding over the bag and leaving it on the pantry shelf. 

What Material Is Best For Cereal Storage Containers

When it comes to storage containers for your pantry, you really have three choices, metal, glass, or plastic. All have their advantages and disadvantages. 

Metal containers are great, and will protect your food from light, air, moisture, and bugs provided you can find good quality ones that have tight-fitting lids. This isn’t so easy to do anymore. Additionally, they can rust and dent, and they don’t fit tightly on the shelf very well. Lastly, you can’t see through the sides of metal cans, so you can’t see at a glance how much you have in them, or even what is in your storage containers.

Glass containers are readily available with airtight lids, but they really don’t work well for bulk storage. Glass containers big enough for cereal tend to be heavy, slick, and break when you drop them (or break your foot if you hit that instead). I like glass containers for decorative storage, just not bulk storage. 

This leaves us with plastic storage containers for cereal. While on the whole, I’m trying to use the least amount of plastic I can these days, I feel ok with good quality plastic storage containers for my dry goods because they will last for decades. Plastic containers are light, transparent, don’t readily break when dropped, and seal tightly to keep moisture, air, and bugs out.

How Big of a Storage Container Do I Need For Cereal?

Taking an average of the top breakfast cereals in America, you can estimate about one cup of volume for every 1.28oz of weight. Since a regular-size box of cereal is about 12oz, you can assume that you will need a container of at least 9.38 cups or  2.25l in size to hold it. This does vary though from cereal to cereal. This table shows the volumes per pound of America’s favorite cereals.

Cereal Cups per oz Cups per pound Liters per pound
Rice Krispies
Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Frosted Flakes
Raisin Bran
Lucky Charms
Corn Flakes
Apple Jacks
Cap'n Crunch
Life Cereal
Fruit Loops
Honey Bunches Of Oats
Fruity Pebbles
Special K

Most panty cereal containers on the market are between four and five liters, so will easily hold a regular size box of cereal and might be a bit full for a ‘family’ size box of cereal. 

Sistema KLIP IT PLUS Cereal Container

Sistema KLIP IT PLUS cereal container for your pantry

Sistema is my go-to brand for storage containers in general, mainly because their rectangular containers stack really nicely on the shelf.

The quality of the plastic has always been top-notch and I’ve never lost one to breaking or having it crack as can happen with cheaper plastics.  Of course they are dishwasher safe so cleaning them is easy enough.

Each container will hold 4.2l and stands 27cm high by 26cm deep and 12 cm wide. Call me an organizational freak, but I like my containers to all fit nicely on a shelf beside each other. The 4.2 liter size means it will hold all but the largest boxes of cereal.


I buy big bags of oats and wanted something to keep them in and after a lot of research I decided on this. It's great because it keeps them fresh and also has a little pouring spout so you don't have to take the lid off to get to them and a little narrow part which makes it easier to grab hold of.



  • Food Safe Plastic

    Like any good food grade plastic, these containers are BPA and Phthalate free.

  • Hinged Lids

    The fully hinged closures and lids on these containers resist wearing out and falling off.

  • Contoured Grip

    The design has a contoured profile to make grabbing it easier for smaller hands.


  • Redesign Issues

    Some people are reporting that the new lid closures aren't as robust as previous versions

  • Harder to Find

    For whatever reason Sistema products are harder to find than some other container brands.

Rubbermaid Pour Top Cereal Containers

Rubbermaid Pour Top Cereal Containers for your pantry

When it comes to storage containers, Rubbermaid is the granddaddy of them all. These Rubbermaid Pour Top Cereal Containers follow their time tested designs for making durable, leak free containers. 

The tight snap on lids make for a very effective seal, while the flip top lid allows you to pour cereal without having to take the whole lid off. As with the Sistema Cereal Containers, the flip top lid is hinged so as not to wear out quickly.

A big advantage to these containers is that they are the most affordable option of my choices, and can be found in most stores, and of course on Amazon, which is were I usually go to get decent prices on storage containers.

Size wise, this container is 9.5″ deep x 4.75″ wide x 10.4″ High, and holds 4.2 liters.

They are nice sturdy thick plastic containers. So far they are keeping my cereals fresher longer than leaving them in the box. They will definitely fit the family size boxes. There's even a little extra room left (see photo). Easy to use and clean. The snap lid opening is easy enough that even the kids can open it no problems.


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  • Budget Friendly

    The most affordable and readily available of the cereal containers.

  • Fits On Shelf

    The straight profile means the containers don't waste any space on the shelf.

  • Contoured Handle

    Easy grip contoured handle for smaller hands


  • Snap on Lid

    The old school snap on style lids can be harder to get on and off for some people.

Rubbermaid Brilliance Cereal Container

Rubbermaid Brilliance Cereal Food Storage Container

The Rubbermaid Brilliance Cereal Container is the pretty version of their standard cereal container. Made from a harder, crystal clear plastic, these containers give you the transparent shine of glass without the fragility.

While most people do love these containers, they are for people that are more concerned with aesthetics than budgets, but if you aren’t worried about that, these cereal containers make a beautiful addition to your kitchen. 

Very similar in size to the other cereal containers, the Rubbermaid Brilliance Cereal Container measures 10.3 x 9.6 x 4.5 inches and holds a respectable 4.25 liters of ceral. 

Though a bit pricy this is a great product. Along with other Rubbermaid Brilliance pantry organizers, they sure do make life easier! My pantry is neatly organized and everything is easy to view. I recommend these!

B. Koza

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  • Beautiful Design

    The crystal clear, shatter resistant plastic makes for a beautiful storage container for open cabinets.

  • Contoured Handle

    Contoured design for holding with one hand

  • Stain and Odor Resistant

    If for some reason you put something other than cereal in here, they are resistant to stains and odors.


  • Price

    These containers are definitely among the pricier options

  • Lid Seal

    Reviews are split on the lid seal and how it attaches. Some love it, other hate it.

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