50 pound sugar container

What Size Of A Container For 50# Of Sugar

I Hate Running Out Of Supplies Like Sugar

If you know me, I have a big stock of food. Partly because I like to be prepared, and partly because I HATE running out of things. The other day I had to restock on sugar and bought a 50# of it. The question then was “what size of container do I need for 50# of sugar?”

I have some 33-quart containers in my pantry that almost hold a 50# bag, but that wasn’t quite enough for the new bag and the last of what I have.  After some research, I came up with this chart that I found on SimplyPrepared.com.

The Best Air Tight Cereal Containers

Dry Goods Container size chart

BONUS! – Printable PDF Of This Chart

What Size of Container Do You Need For 50# of Sugar?

From my experience and from consulting online resources, you need at least a 7 gallon container per 50# bag of sugar. It should be airtight to prevent your sugar from clumping up and be easy to transport. Here is my suggestion for storing 50# of sugar in your pantry.

Plastic storage bin for 50# of sugar

My preferred containers for bulk things are the storage bins from IRIS.  They come in 11, 33, 47 and 69-quart sizes and all but the 11 quart have wheels.  I wouldn’t bet on the seals being watertight, but I have yet to have any bugs in anything I’ve kept in them.

As a side note, while this document didn’t have the conversion for what size of sugar I need for 50# of sugar, it had a whole bunch of other useful data.

 [PDF] USDA – Weights, Measures and Conversion Factors for Agriculture Products and Their Commodities