easy shredded baked cabbage

Easy Shredded Baked Cabbage Recipe

Cabbage has a bad reputation, and I get it. My mother used to make cabbage when I was a kid, and I don’t know what she did to it, but I have memories of limp, flavorless cabbage that was the stuff of kid’s nightmares. It doesn’t have to be that way though.

This easy-to-make, baked shredded cabbage recipe is proof that cabbage doesn’t have to be gross and flavorless. A healthy dose of garlic, paprika, and salt make this dish a great side dish, or with the addition of some sausage, it can be a super simple to make main course.

Shredded Baked Cabbage

An ultra simple dish that can be a vegetarian main dish or side dish for a meat main course, this baked cabbage recipe is as delicious as it is easy to make!
Course Side Dishes
Cuisine American
Keyword Cabbage
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
Servings 2 Servings
Calories 214kcal
Cost 8


  • Sheet pan


  • ½ medium cabbage about 2 lbs.
  • 1 tbsp. garlic powder
  • 1 tbsp. paprika
  • 1 tsp. salt
  • 3 tbsp. butter melted


  • Peel off any bad leaves, then cut the cabbage into quarters, and then cut out the core. Slice each quarter and then cut it crosswise to create thin shreds of cabbage.
  • Melt the butter in a small bowl
  • Mix your paprika, garlic powder, and salt in a pinch bowl.
  • Place the cabbage shreds into a large mixing bowl, and in batches mix in the butter and seasoning mix, combining thoroughly so all the cabbage is evenly covered.
  • Transfer the cabbage into a large baking tray. Using a wooden spoon or spatula, smooth the seasoned cabbage until it lays evenly across the pan.
  • Bake it for about 25 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit, or until it is cooked through and nicely roasted around the edges. Serve immediately.


Try to cut the cabbage evenly. This will help them all to cook evenly so you don’t get some that are overcooked and some that are still hard. 
If you would like to add some meat to this, I suggest some sausage. The last time I made this, I added in some sliced apple-chicken sausage about halfway through the cooking and it was delicious. 

Tools I Used For This Recipe

For this recipe, I broke out some of my go-to kitchen standards. Of course, I need my aluminum half-sheet pan. That thing never gets put away. It gets used, washed, and set to dry. About the time it would get put away, I’m using it again. The other is one of my big metal mixing bowls. Yes, they take up a lot of room, but they come in so handy when mixing up something like a whole head of shredded cabbage. Lastly is my silicone pinch bowls. I love these for things like mixing spices for recipes or, as for in this recipe, melting butter in the microwave.

Here is a list of these tools with links to where you can get them for yourself!

baked cabbage recipe

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